Will and Legacies

Caring for Beagles Left Behind

Have you ever thought what would happen to your beloved Beagle(s) when you pass away and you have not made arrangements for them. If your family or friends are not able to take them in Beagle Welfare CAN. Once your Beagle(s) is with us we will be responsible for all vet bills etc.

Hopefully you will have made a Will and so long as you instruct that you want Beagle Welfare to take them in we will care for them until we find suitable forever homes for them. We always maintain contact with new owners until they and Beagle are fully settled and happy.

Please do discuss this with your executors and all your family, so that they are aware of your wishes. If you could leave a small donation to help us in re-homing your Beagle(s) this would be appreciated.

Please download and complete the document and send the document either via email to secretary@Beaglewelfare.org.uk or in a sealed envelope addressed to
Beagle Welfare
National Secretary, Mrs Linda Thomas
Herons Hill
28 Ennerdale Drive
CW12 4FJ

With the above information we are confident that new homes will be found for your Beagle(s) with the minimum stress and upheaval.

Legacies to Beagle Welfare

If you wish to leave a legacy to the Beagle Welfare Scheme to help us in our role of looking after and rehoming the Beagles that come into our care your solicitor can advise you on the appropriate wording to use in your Will.

The information they may need will be:

Registered Charity Name: The Beagle Welfare Scheme
Charity Number: 328633
Current contact address: Beagle Welfare Scheme, National Secretary, Mrs Linda Thomas, Herons Hill, 28 Ennerdale Drive, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4FJ

If further information is required Linda Thomas may be contacted on 01260 299033 or on secretary@Beaglewelfare.org.uk