Princess Poppy Loppy

Princess Poppy Loppy

Princess Poppy Loppy 26.11.07 – 13.12.17

Poppy came into our lives when she was 5 on 27th January 2013, and from the moment she came home she felt like she had always been with us. We never had any problems other than the usual chance steal of food if she could reach it!

Poppy was a true princess and character, and earned many nicknames our favourite been Princess Poppy Loppy Warren. We used to love seeing her tip tap her paws in excitement of her evening walk as she knew she would earn her evening chew once we were back home.

Although Poppy was never a beagle that enjoyed a cuddle, she certainly loved her daily belly rubs and a roll around in the back garden. She always loved to shower our son with plenty of her kisses, and in return she’d be happy to sit and have her chest rubbed.

Unfortunately after a sudden bout of illness in February this year, Poppy was just never the same and was left with a terrible hacking cough, we returned to the vets on a monthly basis for all types of medication, in her last few weeks she deteriorated rapidly and very quickly lost a lot of weight, so on the 13th December she ran free over rainbow bridge and now she¹s pain free and happy, but has left a huge hole in our home and it feels very empty without our precious girl. You¹ll forever be missed beautiful girl.

Thank you all.

Chris, Sam and Will Warren