Dylan came to us from Beagle Welfare in February 2015. A bit like a refugee from a troubled land, he was nine, had lost a human companion, and been passed around the family before arriving at Beagle Welfare. There he ran foul of another more possessive boy. That left him regretting his friendliness but rewarded with a new friend, Clare Clark’s Isabel, and a happier berth in her house.

After a while, he arrived with us, scarred and tattered but with a heart full of love. For more than two and a half years we enjoyed his friendship and complete devotion. He gave us so many moments of laughter and pride, not least when he was crowned Best in Show at the Scottish Beagle Funday 2015. Not bad for a golden oldie. He gradually trained us into his way of doing, scolding us if service was late and dancing when supper was served. He made friends for us wherever we went.

We were on extended holiday and up until two days before his death, Dylan was enjoying long beach and country walks. One morning he looked unwell, and by the evening his discomfort was obvious. He went downhill overnight, so we took him to a local vet. An hour later we learned he had a large tumour in his spleen and the prognosis was uncertain. He was very weak and his eyes were telling us he was tired and wanted to go. We had to accept the inevitable.

Run free, loyal, loving, much loved snow beagle.

Myra and Eric Young.