Dave (Dippy Dave) – You were the funniest beagle ever known.  You came to us from Beagle Welfare at the beginning of 2012 and we could not have asked for a better beagle.  You didn’t like closed doors, You followed us around – even camped outside the door and huffed through it when we went to the bathroom. You had two new knees. You made a funny squeaking noise when you wanted attention. You were a sideboard surfer and a sofa surfer. Never would we find you just an a sofa but stretched across the back of it or straddling the arm! You had the worst stinky breath and dirty feet. You spent ridiculous amounts of time burying bones only for Buddy to look on with patience so he could go and dig them up when you were not looking. You muddled along with us in your own little world and we loved you so very much. They say a beagle is lucky to find a forever home, but actually it was us that were the lucky ones. 2nd February 2006 to 1st July 2018. Always in our hearts xx
Matthew, Sally, Macy and Max