On Sunday 18th June 2017 (Father’s Day) our Beautiful baby girl Bonnie left us for the rainbow bridge.

We rescued Bonnie from Beagle Welfare on the 18/11/2004. She changed our lives completely.

We were told she was 4yrs old and had 3 different family’s before coming to us, her forever home. ( Thank you for choosing us Bonnie) Where she settled down and soon had run of the house.

Bonnie had a huge personality and was a right character. She made us laugh everyday with her crazy and silly antics.

She was a very hyper Beagle and full of energy. She loved being outside in all weathers, except hen it was to cold for her. She even lived moon bathing in the evening. Bonnie also loved having her mad 10 minutes running around the kitchen, lounge and garden. Which we had to chase after her.

The only time she was quiet was when she was sleeping, which she also loved.

Bonnie loved camping in the garden with me, my sister and brother when we were younger. It was a race to get in the tent before Bonnie, so we can have our own pillow. As Bonnie always managed to get on one of our pillows to sleep on. which it took us some time to try and move her on to her own bed like lol.

Bonnie also loved her family holiday’s in our touring caravan, where she was happy sunbathing outside with her nose in the air and watching what everyone else was up to. Bonnie also loved going to the seaside and running around on the beach.

Bonnie loved her walks with on the field at the back of us and going to new places. She also loved going for walks to the country parks and woodlands where she could go exploring. Especially if we went where she wanted to walk. If we didn’t let her have her own way then she would just sit down and would not move until we went her way. (Which as embarrassing has people would laugh) like her Auntie Ruthy.

Bonnie was a very stubborn Beagle at times and if she didn’t want to do something she wouldn’t and would alway’s do thing’s the BONNIE way.

Bonnie became ill very suddenly while we were alway Easter weekend in our caravan. We took her to see the vet, who couldn’t pick up why she was ill. Bonnie had hurt her leg while jumping into the car but recovered from that.

Over the last few days Bonnie was with us she went down rather fast. We made a family decision on the Friday to let the vet put Bonnie to sleep on Monday evening. Which was a very difficult decision for us all. But Bonnie made her own decision and while we spent the day together on
Saturday I said to Bonnie that me and her will camp out tonight together. This was to be a very special night with each other.

I woke up 6:00am Sunday morning and carried Bonnie out of the tent to go for a wee but she couldn’t hold herself up. So I put her back in her basket in the tent. I woke up a couple of hours later and Bonnie had sadly slipped away.

Bonnie was my best friend and part of our family. She has left a massive hole in our hearts. Her love was unconditional and she will never be forgotten.

Bonnie Stevens
18/11/2001 – 18/06/2017