Rowdy was born on 20 May 2006, the son of Molsend Mitzi. He was named Molsend Trickster on his papers but on our way back from Durham when we picked him up we decided to call him Rowdy. Rowdy was loved by everyone in our immediate family and our extended family and charmed everyone he met.

He was often described as a dog who ‘would get a piece at any door’.He snored loudly, he kicked dirt in your face when you bent down to pick up his toilet and he howled if you tried to sing or dance. He peed on anything lying around the park including bags, jackets and even prams (which was never good).

He loved food, sleeping, going for walks, chasing deer and foxes and stalking squirrels. He didn’t like cats and he hated when people blew bubbles. He knew the rhythm of our house, each smell, each sound each mood and every change of shoe meant something to him. Rowdy was a noble dog. Brave, with stamina and a kind heart. He had a sociable nature but would fight his corner if challenged.

He never held a grudge and was never too proud to ask for help if he needed a door opened or a couch lifted to find a toy. We let Rowdy go on 22 November 2018. His wee body is buried in his garden but we don’t know where the rest of him is.

His death has been very painful for us and we are feeling our way through the dark. If I can shine a light and look for something positive from his passing it would be my reflection on our time together and the will to aspire to have his courage, his grace and his forgiveness.