Tri coloured male DOB: February 2011

Location: South Wales

Contact: 01283 575 175

Woody:-everyone who meets Woody instantly falls in love with Woody . Woody is a tri coloured male, born 13th February 2011. Woody is enthusiastic, sociable with adults & children, mixes /plays well with other beagles / most other dogs. He loves visiting people and is well behaved on visits. He will sit under a table if you are at a cafe, working at home or beside you in a car / van if you are out and about.

Woody, loves a Cwtch especially during family time on the sofa in the evenings. Woody is a typical beagle who engages in the usual beagle activities-counter surfing, bin raiding, chewing/eating contraband, jumping over obstacles, escaping through open doors, chasing squirrels in the woods and birds at the beach.

Woody loves long walks, and needs an hour off lead morning and evening on lead minimum.  Woody does come back off lead in his own time. On lead he has a strong pull but will walk nicely after 30mins on lead. He can be taken on lead in to crowded places without issue.


Woody’s ideal forever family will either have an existing Beagle or previously owned beagles.  No cats, collie dogs or birds in the house.

They will be physically active, with a quiet calm environment/ atmosphere, with few raised voices and dramas. Shouting makes Woody anxious, he needs space when anxious. Woody is house trained, being an older dog he needs a wee in the early hours and several toilet breaks during the day to maintain his continence.

Woody,  will be devoted to his forever family , as long as he is with you he us up for a challenge he likes camping in a  motorhome, kayaking, swimming in the sea & live music .

Due to anxiety issues [which he has been successfully working on since March] Woody cannot be confined or crated and will need to sleep in his basket beside your bed- Woody won’t bother you during the night except when he needs to empty his bladder.

Woody will need to travel anchored by a safety device next to a human in a vehicle on the way there. He will be fine to sit alone on the back seat anchored by a safety device on the way back. Woody experiences separation anxiety and chews excessively when anxious or overexcited. Woody’s forever family will need to have a support network in place for dog sitting if he needs to be left unattended for any length of time.

Woody’s ideal family will treat Woody as a dog, not shout but speak clearly and firmly, Woody needs structure, consistency and routine, they won’t give him human food [to maintain his trim body]. Woody likes carrots and sweet potatoes for chews and fruit for treats. Preferably Woody’s ideal forever family  would be situated with an off lead walk nearby or with minimal travel time[less than 5 mins] .