1 year old tri coloured male

Location: South wales

Contact: 01283 575 175

Wally is a one year old tri colour male, who is looking for a beagle experienced home who can help him manage his anxiety related behaviours.


While Wally enjoys his walks, he prefers being walked on his own, as this helps him focus on walking nicely.  While he has been let off lead, and came back when called, his reactivity to other dogs has caused his owner to keep him on lead.  Wally likes his own company, and would prefer not to interact with other dogs he sees on his route.  He travels nicely in the car, and has experienced short journeys.


At home, Wally is crate trained, and is almost completely house trained.  He can be left on his own, but has always had the company of another dog, so time alone would need to be built up gradually.  He is not destructive, but will chew on his toys.  Wally doesn’t usually steal, unless it’s a treat from another dog, but will give up stolen items in exchange for a tasty treat.  Wally is not an active escapologist, if an opportunity to explore arises, such as a broken fence, he will pop through and explore, so he would need a secure garden.


Wally is anxious around new people, and in new situations.  While a previous owner said he was aggressive to a visitor to their home, this has not been seen before or since.


Wally’s new home must be one without young children, due to his food guarding.  He would appreciate being the only pet in the house, so that he could benefit from your undivided attention as you work with him on how to deal with his issues.  He will need a lot of input from you, but once he trusts you, he is loyal and affectionate, and will do anything in exchange for a treat.