Stanley and Daisy

Tri coloured male DOB: September 2010 Tri coloured female DOB: March 2011

Location: Isle of white

Contact: 01283 575 175

Stanley is a tri colour male, born 15th September 2010 and Daisy is a tri colour female, born 4th March 2011.  They are looking for a new home as their owner is emigrating.  They are both microchipped.


Stanley and Daisy are happy to go for a walk.  They can pull a little on the lead.  They can be let off lead, and have good recall once they are comfortable with you.  They are used to travelling, although Daisy can feel a little unwell sometimes.  Stanley has never shown aggression to people or other dogs, and loves to meet new dogs.  Daisy is even more sociable, and meeting a new dog is a highlight of her day.


At home, Stanley and Daisy are house trained and crate trained.  Stanley and Daisy can be left alone for 8 hours, and they are not destructive.  If they steal an item, it will be given back.  Both dogs have tried to escape from the garden, so would need their new garden to be a secure one.


Stanley and Daisy have never lived with cats, so their new home needs to be one without cats.  They have lived with children, so children could be part of their new home.  Stanley is a very chilled out dog, who loves people, especially if they can play fetch with him.  Daisy is a big fan of cuddles, and loves to curl up on her peoples’ laps for a snooze.


From Stanley and Daisy’s foster home:

Daisy is 10 Yrs old and Stanley is  9yrs old

Although golden oldies they are very active.

Daisy is the calmer of the two , loves to have a cuddle and quite happy to be by herself or with others. Very food orientated but does not jump up at the table ,she is house trained.  Loves a walk but pulls may not have been walked very often. She loves people.

Stanley is into everything not destructive just needs to know what your are doing.  He loves company when you come home the whole of his body shakes. His house training needs reinforcing ,Again loves to walk but pulls. A good guard dog for the house. Otherwise he is very quiet.

They are both companionable dogs loves people and other dogs. We feed them together  just have to watch Stanley, Daisy eats very slowly but Stanley east his meal very quickly and will steal Daisy’s if you let him.

Two lovely dogs did live with children and other dogs.