3 year old trio coloured male

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Snoopy is a three year old lemon and white male, who is looking for a home with a Beagle experienced owner.  He is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.
Snoopy is happy to walk on his lead, although his enthusiasm means he can pull on the lead at times.  His recall is good, so he can be let off lead on walks.  Snoopy travels well in the car, where he sits in a car crate.  Snoopy is a very social dog, and likes to meet other dogs when he’s out and about.  He will bark to get their attention, and loves to run around with them off lead.
At home, Snoopy is house trained and crate trained, and can be left for a few hours.  He is not destructive, but he is partial to helping himself to socks, which he will give back when asked.  Snoopy would need a very secure garden, as he can escape from even the smallest hole in a fence or gate.
Snoopy has been involved in one unprovoked incident where he snapped at a stranger who walked past him on the street, and his previous owner used a behaviourist to help him with this.  Since coming into the rehoming centre, he has been a delight, and shown no aggression to anyone he has met.  However, due to this reported incident, we absolutely cannot rehome Snoopy to a home with young children, as he would be better in a home where everyone can be actively involved in using positive reinforcement to keep him happy and calm.
Snoopy has never lived with cats, so his new home would need to be one without cats.  He has shared his home with another dog, and teenagers, so these could be an option for him.  He is an active and enthusiastic boy, who deserves a loving new home.