Skye and Lexi

5 and 6 year old females

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Skye and Lexi are a pair of best friends, who are looking to find a new home together due to a change in their owners’ working commitments.  Lexi is a 5 year old tan and white female, and Skye is a six year old tri colour female.  They are both vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.


Lexi and Skye go for walks on a harness, although Lexi can still pull at times.  Lexi and Skye have not been let off lead, unless they is running around with a pack of dogs, as this encourages them to return.  Neither of the girls have much experience of travelling in a car, so this is something her new family would need to build up with them.  Lexi and Skye have never shown aggression to another dog or human, although Lexi might grumble if it looks like you might take her food away.  They both love to meet other dogs, and Lexi howls excitedly when she sees another dog she would like to say hello to.


At home, Lexi and Skye are house trained and crate trained, and can be left alone for a few hours.  They are not generally destructive, but have been known to chew up their dog beds, and Skye can chew up dog toys.  Neither dog steals, and they understand that they must give items back when told.  They have never tried to escape from their secure garden.


Lexi and Skye have never lived with cats, so their new home should be a cat free one.  They have lived with children, so a dog savvy child could be part of their new home.  Lexi is a very chilled girl, who loves being with Skye, although she doesn’t forget that the best attention comes from her trusted people.  Skye is a big fan of chasing a tennis ball, but isn’t so keen on bringing it back to you afterwards – if you want it, she is happy for you to fetch it yourself!