Sara and Kayley

Tan and white female DOB: February 2015 Tri coloured female DOB: July 2011

Location: South Wales

Contact: 01283 575 175

Sara and Kayley are a pair of best friends, who are looking for a new home together as their owners’ circumstances have changed.  Kayley is a tri colour female, born 1st July 2011, and Sara is a tan and white female, born 1st February 2015.  They are both neutered and microchipped.


Kayley and Sara walk best on a harness, as while Sara usually walks nicely, Kayley can pull on the lead.  They have only been allowed off lead in secure spaces.  Kayley has never shown aggression to another person or dog, although she will say hello if one passes by her while she’s out and about.  Sara has never shown aggression to any person or dog, although she can be a bit grumpy and growl if you tell her to move off the sofa when she’s tired.  They travel happily in the car.


At home, Kayley is house trained, but has never used a crate.  Neither dog is used to being left on her own, so they would need someone who is at home for most of the day, and can work on developing time alone with them.  Kayley is not destructive, but does like to take cushions and de-stuff them if she can, while Sara enjoys grabbing cushions and shaking them about.  Kayley will usually surrender stolen items when she is told to, and Sara will drop them without any difficulty.  They have never tried to escape from their secure garden.


Kayley and Sara have never lived with cats or children, so should ideally go to a cat free home with adults only, or adults with older children.  Kayley often mothers Sara, and they have a great bond.  They are a cheerful and affectionate pair, who enjoy running and playing together.