Tri coloured male DOB: October 2014

Location: South Wales

Contact: 01283 575 175

Sam is a tri colour male, born 9th October 2014, who is looking for a new home where he will be the only dog in the house, as he is no longer getting alone with the resident dog.  He is neutered and microchipped.


Sam enjoys going out for walks on his lead, and while he does pull initially, he soon settles down.  Sam can be let off lead, and will come back to you, although he will run off to meet any other dogs he sees.  He travels well in the car, and has been on a few short journeys without any problems.  Sam is friendly to other dogs he meets while he’s out on a walk, and can’t wait to play with them.


At home, Sam is house trained and crate trained, but has not used a crate for some time.  He can be left alone for a few hours, but he has always had another dog for company, so this time period would need to be built up with him.  Sam is not destructive, but has got hold of a Tupperware pot and chewed that.  If he steals items like that, he can usually be convinced to give them up in exchange for a treat.  He has never tried to escape from his secure garden.


Sam can be a bit grumpy once he tires, and doesn’t appreciate being woken up prematurely.  Disturbing him makes him growl at you, and because of this, we will not rehome him to a family with young children who may not realise the consequences of startling him.   Older children, who will understand the need to respect his space, or a home with only adults, would be fine.


Sam is a very active and bouncy hound, and would need to find an equally active family to be part of.  He loves cuddles, attention and lots of fun tricks, so being the only dog in a family would allow him to demonstrate his full potential and live his best life.