2 year old tri coloured female

Location: Southampton

Contact: 01283 575 175

Ruby is a two year old tricolour female, who needs a new home as her owner’s working commitments have changed.  She is neutered and microchipped.


Ruby likes to get outside for walks, and can pull on her lead.  She is better controlled on a harness.  She has not been let off lead, but is used to running around on a long lead.  Ruby is used to travelling in the car, although she finds it a worrying experience and can have accidents when she gets too anxious, so she would benefit from some reassurance if she is going to be travelling a lot.  Ruby is happy to meet other dogs when she’s on her long lead, and will approach them to ask them to play chase with her.  She can bark at other on lead dogs if she’s on her lead as well.


At home, Ruby is house trained and crate trained, but she has had the very occasional accident when she couldn’t get outside in time.  She can be left on her own for a few hours, as long as she has something to occupy her, as boredom inevitably results in destruction.  Ruby enjoys digging in the garden, so her new garden would have to be a secure one where she couldn’t access any flower beds! Ruby can become possessive of high value items, particularly food, and her owner has worked hard with her to encourage her to trade the stolen item for a treat with increasing success.  She has nipped her owner during the early stages of training and because of this, we cannot rehome Ruby to a family with young children.  We would prefer to see Ruby in a home where there is experience of dogs who resource guard, so that all the members of the household can continue her training.


Ruby has not lived with cats or young children, so her new home would need to be without these.  She has really benefitted from the training which her owner has given her, and will need to be part of a family where someone will be able to continue this work with her and help her to unlock her full potential.  Despite being fiercely independent girl with a strong character, she loves to end each day curled up next to her family on the sofa, and will make sure that no two days are ever the same.