6 year old tri coloured female

Location: Shropshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Rosie is a six year old tricolour female, who needs a new home as she is no longer getting along with the other dog in her household.  She is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.Rosie is an anxious girl, who needs a lot of reassurance, and ideally a beagle experienced home.  Her new owner would need to help her overcome her fears and help her manage her reactions.  She reacts to strangers on her territory, and becomes overly excited around other dogs.  She has never bitten, but she jumps and pulls to get to whatever she wants to see.  If she decides they are friends, she is happy to play chase.  Once she is calm, she is affectionate and trusting – you just have to win her trust first!Rosie loves to walk, run and be outside.  She can pull on the lead, and is currently walked on a harness.  Rosie is easily distracted, and will disappear off after a scent, so she has not been let off lead.  She finds meeting other dogs quite a stressful experience, so would need some input on socialisation.  She travels well, sitting in the back seat of the car, and has been on holiday abroad. At home, Rosie is house trained, but has never used a crate.  She can be left alone for a few hours, and will occupy herself with a Kong or snuffle mat.  She is not destructive to household items, but will happily pull the stuffing out of a dog toy.  If she does steal an item, she will give it back.  Rosie’s new home would need to have a very secure garden, as Rosie likes to find ways to escape. Because Rosie likes to be the dominant dog, she would need to be the only dog in a calm and patient household.  Her boisterous antics mean that her new home must be child free, or have children old enough to help manage her behaviour.  She is a curious and intelligent dog, who loves to explore the world.  If you can provide her with the leadership and support she needs, she will be a very rewarding dog.