Rosie is a tricolour female, born in August 2015.  She is looking for a new home as her owners cannot give her the time they would like.  Rosie is vaccinated and microchipped.

Rosie does have some resource guarding issues so her new owner will need to have experience of handling this correctly.

Rosie goes for walks on a lead, and does not pull on the lead.  She can be let off lead on walks.  Rosie is happy to travel in the car.  Although Rosie has nipped her owner once, her owner admits it was not Rosie’s fault, and it was very out of character.  When she’s out on a walk, Rosie is fine with all dogs except for pugs.  She prefers her own company, so a cursory sniff and walking away is fine for her. 

At home, Rosie is house trained and crate trained.  She can be left at home on her own for a few hours if you need to go out without her.  Rosie is not destructive, but she would need a secure garden to play in, as she likes trying to escape.  If Rosie steals an item, she will give it back if she’s in the mood to give it back, or she might resource guard it. 

Rosie has never lived with a cat, and barks at or chases the cats she sees, so would probably prefer to be part of a cat free home.  She has lived with teenage children, and due to her occasional resource guarding teenage children or older children with dog owning experience who could manage a resource guarding incident, could be part of her new home.  Her owners say that Rosie is a big softie, who will take all the attention you can give her, so a family who will have plenty of time for her, along with a cosy sofa for her to sleep on, would be a great match.