Quinn and Chip

1 year old tri coloured female and 6 month old lemon male

Location: Manchester

Contact: 01283 575 175

Quinn 18 month old female tri, Chip 7 month old Male lemon
Quinn and Chip are best friends who must be rehomed together as they are very close and have been together since they were puppies.
Chip is a six month old lemon Male, he is vaccinated and microchipped, and is still a big, goofy puppy. He is very calm but loves to run around and play with his sister and other dogs. He loves to flop onto the sofa throughout the day and gets very excited when there is food on offer. He has a very long, waggy tail that he constantly thuds against your legs, the windo and anywhere else he can hit. He has a little bit of separation anxiety, but this is very minor and he could be built up over time to be left for a few hours after exercise. He loves to destroy rope toys, teddies and chew on nylabones. He is very playful and is still working on basic commands, so would benefit from someone who has time to put into their training.
Quinn is an 18 month old tri female who is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She is the boss of the pair, but is very loving and protective over her brother, and it takes her a little time to allow other dogs to play with him fully.  She can get a little bit anxious, but over time this fades and she comes out of her shell as the sweet girl that she is. She is the first to jump into the lap of visitors and is learning that the best place to cuddle up is on a lap. She loves to play with her brother and will also cuddle up with him at the end of the day. She does have a little bit of separation anxiety but, like her brother, can be built up over time. She loves treats and toys and big open to space to run around in.
The pair sleep together in a crate at night time with a blanket over the top, but could also sleep in separate crates if this was needed. They have been destructive in the past, so would probably be best being left in a crate if they were being left alone in the house. They travel well in the car, but are not used to very long journeys so would need building up over time. They love other dogs and get very excited greeting them on a walk, and could live with another dog, or quite happily just the pair of them. They could live with older, beagle experienced children, and will need a home with plenty of human company. They have spent a lot of time in their crate so love wide open spaces and freedom to roam in a garden. They have the potential to go off lead, but have not had any particular recall training. They are the sweetest dogs who just want love and company and will need plenty of patience and time to settle.