Quinn and Chip

1 year old tri coloured female and 6 month old lemon male

Location: Manchester

Contact: 01283 575 175

Quinn and Chip are best friends who are looking for a new home together.  Quinn is a one year old tri colour female.  Chip is a six month old lemon and white male.  Quinn is neuetered, vaccinated and microchipped.  Chip is vaccinated and microchipped.Both dogs like to go out for a walk.  Quinn has a harness which helps reduce her pulling.  They love to meet other dogs, and play chase with them.  There has never been any aggression to dogs they have met.  Chip and Quinn have only been allowed off lead in a secure field.  Neither Chip or Quinn have travelled much, and would need to slowly work to increase travel time as it can cause them to feel unwell. Chip and Quinn are house trained and crate trained.  Although they don’t like to be alone, they have coped for a short time, but must be in their crates, as they can be destructive.  Neither of them have tried to escape from the garden.  They can steal items, but will give them up if offered a treat in exchange. Quinn and Chip both love people, and are happy to see their family and meet visitors.  Typical youngsters, they can be a bit overenthusiastic at times, and Quinn can become possessive over treats, so we would recommend a home with just adults, or adults and older children can work with the dogs to help them to calm down.  Left unsupervised, they can take the law into their own hands, and enjoy activities like counter surfing, so would need a new owner who is going to be around a lot of the time who can give them some guidance and direction.  They are an intelligent pair who are only just getting started in life, and would love a home where they can cuddle up with their family after a long day of learning how to be the perfect beagle.