9 year old tri coloured female

Location: Liverpool

Contact: 01283 575 175

Poppy is a nine year old tri colour female, who is looking for a new home as her owner’s circumstances have changed, and she is no longer getting the time or attention she once did.


Poppy enjoys her walks, and walks nicely on the lead.  She can be let off lead on walks.  Poppy does not have a great deal of experience with travelling, so this is something her new owner would need to build up slowly with her if travelling was going to be something Poppy would be doing a lot of.  Poppy is great with other dogs.  She has never shown aggression to another dog or person, approaches dogs on lead politely, and plays well with them when off lead.


At home, Poppy is house and crate trained, although she has not used a crate since she was a puppy.  She can be left alone for a few hours, and is not destructive.  She has never tried to escape from her secure garden.  Poppy is not always keen to give up stolen items, so her new family would need to make sure the house was well and truly beagle proofed before she arrived!


Poppy has never lived with cats, but she has shared her home with another dog, so she could happily join a home with an existing dog, subject to successful introductions.  Poppy has lived with a young child, and shows no interest in interacting with her, so we think she would rather be part of a home with just adults, or adults with older children who would allow her a calm, quiet environment.  Because she can suffer from a flare up of skin allergies, Poppy takes steroids to help reduce her symptoms, and eats grain free food to help her with this