Pongo Bongo

Tri coloured male DOB: 17.4.2015

Location: Greater London

Contact: 01283 575 175

Pongo Bongo is a tri colour male born on 17th April 2015.  He needs a new home as his owners are emigrating and cannot take him with them.  He is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.


Pongo Bongo walks best on a harness, as this keeps him under control.  He can be walked without it, but he gets very excited on walks, and it is not as easy to stop him pulling without the harness.  He has been let off lead in secure areas which he knows well, and is allowed on a long line lead in places he doesn’t.  Pongo Bongo is an experienced traveller who has taken trips in both the car and on the train.  He has never shown aggression to another person or dog, but doesn’t like it when feet get near his belly.


At home, Pongo Bongo is house trained but has never used a crate.  He can be left on his own for a few hours, with a few treats to settle him and encourage him to have a snooze while his family are out of the house.  Pongo Bongo’s new home must have a very secure garden, as he is very good at jumping over fences and walls.  While he’s not destructive, he is partial to pinching any socks or gloves he sees lying about, and will chew up most toys unless they’re very tough.  The only items you’ll struggle to get back from him are food items, which tend to be swallowed before you realise they’re even gone.  Pongo Bongo loves food, especially chicken.


Pongo Bongo hasn’t had much interaction with cats, so his new home should ideally be a cat free one.  He has been fine with the children he has met, but given his tendency to pinch food, any children in his new home should be older, and have experience of dogs.  He’s a very active and sociable hound, so he would love to be part of an active family who will keep him busy both physically and mentally, and will bring a lot of fun to your household in return.