6 year old tri coloured male

Location: Liverpool

Contact: pepe/ 0151 931 1604

Pepe is in the care of Freshfields rescue so if you are interested in adopting him you would need to contact them direct here.



Pepe originally came to us back in 2013 when he was just 9 months old due to allergies.

He was quickly adopted but was sadly returned to us over a year later due to his new owner’s terminal illness.

Again, Pepe was adopted but was returned after only a few months but this time due to resource guarding.

Pepe will guard items such as toys and has bitten in the past as a result of this. He can be quite intimidating when he displays this behaviour and it is something that the staff have witnessed here at the rescue on several occasions.

Any future home needs to understand this and be fully prepared to commit to him and work with our behaviourist.

Pepe will require a quiet, relaxed adult only home free from visiting children and without any children planned for the future. He needs a sensible owner with experience of rescue dogs and preferably experience of dogs with behavioural issues. He can be reactive towards other dogs on walks and will need to be the only pet in the home.

Pepe is generally a very loving and outgoing boy. He is a typical Beagle who loves his walks and will therefore need a very active home. He walks well on the lead and loves to bury treats on his walks! He is quite an easy going boy who spends most of the day snoozing in his bed. Care does need to be taken when introducing him to new people as although he can appear to be quite friendly initially he does not always trust strangers.

The full extent of Pepe’s behaviour is not always apparent when you first meet him so his new owner must be prepared to spend several weeks getting to know him. Ideally they will need to live locally so that they can take Pepe home for slow introductions into the home before adoption.

Pepe has had very little inconsistency in his life and has never truly found somewhere where he belongs. We all love him here but it is sad to see him spending year after year in kennels when we know that with the right person who will take on board all of the advice given that he will make a wonderful friend. He needs someone that understands him and is willing to work hard to overcome any problems to help him become a happy, well balanced dog.

If you would like more information then please call the rescue on 0151 931 1604 🐶❤️


If you would like more information then please call the rescue on 0151 931 1604 🐶❤️