9 month old tan and white male

Location: Worcestershire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Oscar is a tan and white male beagle, aged 9 months, fully vaccinated and wormed, crate and housetrained. We need to find a new home for him as his owners find they have not got enough time, due to working hours and small children, to give him all the time and attention he needs.  Obviously at just 9 months he will need ongoing training – his is already good of lead and travelling especially if there is a tasty treat on offer.  He is not an escapologist, as long as he is in a secure area, loves playing with other dogs and is great with children.  Oscar sleeps in his crate and likes to escape there at time during the day for some well earned nap time.  This lovely lad likes to go for his walks, run around and play and loves playing fetch, in the house, and he is most definitely a beagle where outdoor scents are concerned, and will even leave his own food bowl (for later!) if there is something else he can smell around the house.  He would best suit a household where someone is in most of the time, as he is always on the lookout for attention and getting into mischief.