Tri coloured male DOB: March 2018

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Murphy is a tri colour male, born 13th March 2018, who needs a new home in a dog experienced, adult only household.  He is vaccinated and microchipped.


Murphy is happy to walk on his lead, and can pull when he’s excited.  He has not been let off lead on walks.  He is used to travelling in the car.  Murphy can react strongly when he sees unfamiliar dogs, and will bark and pull on the lead.  When he is off lead with his family’s dogs at home, he has been fine, and enjoyed running and playing with them.  There has been one isolated incident where Murphy has nipped his owner, and as a result, we would prefer Murphy’s new home to be with a dog experienced, adult only home who could manage this uncharacteristic behaviour if it ever happened again.


At home, Murphy is house trained and crate trained, and can be left on his own for a couple of hours.  Apart from chewing up his toys, he is not destructive and has never tried to escape from his secure garden.  He is not great at giving up stolen items, so would benefit from learning to exchange stolen items for a treat.


Murphy has never lived with a cat, so his new home must be cat free.  Murphy was crated by his previous owner when children visited, so sharing a home with children is not an experience he is familiar with.  Because of this, we would like his new home to be with adults only, or a home where any children are teenagers who could help him adjust to his new situation.  Murphy loves to play with his toys, or at least the tougher toys which he doesn’t chew up, so a family with lots of time to interact with him would be perfect.