Tri coloured female DOB:2012

Location: Greater Manchester

Contact: 01283 575 175

Molly is an eight year old tri colour female who is looking for a new home with a patient, dog-experienced owner who can continue her transition to being a pet.  Molly is a former hunting dog, and has spent the last nine months learning how to be part of a family.


Molly walks nicely on a collar and lead, although she may pull a little if she wants to sniff under a hedge or tree.  She can be let off lead and will come back to you.  Molly is used to travelling in the car.  Molly has never shown any aggression to another dog or person, and is used to living with other dogs from her time working with a pack.


At home, Molly is house trained and crate trained.  She is used to spending a few hours on her own in her crate, but would need to be let out for a toilet break for any longer than this.  Molly is not destructive of anything except her own toys, and has never chewed up her bedding, which she clearly values.  If Molly steals an item, she will give it back when told to drop it.  She has never tried to escape from her secure garden.


Molly has never lived with cats, so her new home should be a cat free one.  She has lived with dog savvy children, so sensible children with experience of dogs could be part of her new home.  Molly would really benefit from being part of a patient, calm household.  She can be anxious, especially if she hears humans shouting, which is possibly a throwback to her working past.  Her owner has done a lot of work to acclimatise her to being part of a family, and Molly loves her home comforts.