Tri coloured female DOB:20.4.2013

Location: Basingstoke

Contact: 01283 575 175

Millie is a tri colour female born on 20th April 2013.  Millie is looking for a home without young children.  Millie is vaccinated neutered and microchipped.


Millie is lead trained and has to can also go for a walk on a harness.  She can be let off lead, even in open fields, but not near roads.  She travels well in the car.  Millie is always excited to see another dog, and will bark at them to get their attention.  She enjoys giving them a good sniff, in true beagle fashion.


At home, Millie is house trained, but has not used a crate for some years.  She can be left on her own for a few hours and is well behaved.  Other than the odd soft dog toy, she is not destructive and has never tried to escape from her secure garden.  If Millie steals an item, she will drop it when told to.


Millie has never lived with cats, so her new home should be cat free.  Her new home should ideally be one with adults only, but could include teenage children who could recognise the signals that she was unhappy.  Millie has been involved in a single incident with a child who ignored Millie’s warning signals that she was uncomfortable, and cuddled and kissed her around the neck area, which resulted in the child being nipped.  This is very out of character behaviour for Millie, who is normally a big fan of cuddles and belly rubs and has never shown any sort of aggression to people.  Millie especially loves spending time with ladies, who she seems to relate to very well.  She likes to play chase with tennis balls, or tug of war with a rope toy.  Like most beagles, she really appreciates bones, sleep and lots of tasty treats.  Millie is a very sweet girl, whose loving and lively personality will help her to be a brilliant asset to her new family.