Max 1

Max 1

Max is a tricolour male, who is estimated to be about ten years old.  He is looking for a new home as he was abandoned at a boarding kennels.  Because of this, we do not know much about his past, other than what we have learned since he was abandoned.  Max is neutered and microchipped.

Max quickly won over the staff at the kennels where he was left, and a lot of effort has gone into learning as much as possible about him in a short space of time.  He is quite a calm character, happy with a quiet home where he can wander around the garden, following interesting smells and chewing on dog chews.  This is the sort of environment which seems to bring out the best in him, and so we would be looking for a similar setup for him.

Max is happy to go for a walk with the lead clipped to his collar, and he does not pull on the lead.  While he has not been fully tested, he appears to have good recall.  The boarding kennels have not been able to travel test Max to see how he behaves in the car.  Perhaps due to an incident in his past, Max is very protective of food, and he can guard it for fear of it being taken away.  This has lead to him trying to snatch food from children, and we would not rehome him to a family with young children for this reason.  Max has not shown aggression to other dogs, but due to his sensitivity around food, any introductions would need to be done in a food-free environment.

At home, Max is house trained and crate trained, and can be left alone for a few hours, although he does prefer to have limited time apart from his people, as he would much rather have company.  He is not destructive and has never tried to escape from his secure garden.  If Max steals an item, he is slowly starting to allow trusted humans to take it from him. 

Max has not been tested around cats, but because he is so food orientated, it would be better if he joined a home without other pets.  We would also prefer him to join a home without young children, as he has history of stealing food from youngsters.  Older children with dog owning experience, who could keep their food away from him, would be considered.  Max would really enjoy a home where he can have his own bed (Or sofa space), and plenty of cuddles.