10 month old tri coloured male

Location: North Yorkshire

Contact: 0300 777 1570

“Marley is a 10 month old vaccinated, neutered and microchipped male, he is extremely energetic and will require active owners with a keen interest in training. Marley has a history of mouthing and destructive behaviour in the home therefore, he will benefit from owners who have Beagle or hound experience who are willing to work with his challenging settling in behaviours. Marley really enjoys meeting people and dogs out and about and he also loves to swim! He can live with older children who are able to actively take part in his training. Marley loves to play and is very good at searching for his tennis ball and food!”


Marley is in the care of the Blue cross, so if you wish to know more about him please contact them direct.

Blue Cross

Thirsk Rehoming Centre

He is at Thirsk Rehoming centre, Blue Cross 0300 777 1540