Marley ( Cliff Kennels)

Marley ( Cliff Kennels)

Marley is in another kennels in South Yorkshire, so if you are interested in adopting Marley you need to contact them directly.

🐾 Meet Marley: The Charming Beagle Full of Character

Marley, a 6-year-old male Beagle, is a friendly and affectionate canine companion searching for an experienced and loving new home. Let’s delve into the delightful qualities that make Marley a unique and wonderful addition to a caring family:

🐕 Basic Commands: Marley is a smart dog who already knows some basic commands like “sit” and “paw,” showcasing his willingness to learn and interact with his human companions.

🎾 Toy Enthusiast: While Marley enjoys playing with toys, he may have a short attention span and might lose interest quickly. Engaging him with a variety of toys and interactive playtime could be a delightful way to keep him entertained.

🍖 Food Lover: Marley has a love for food and treats, making them effective motivators for positive interactions and training sessions. His affection for treats can be utilized to strengthen the bond between Marley and his new family.

🗣️ Vocal Communicator: Described as a chatterbox, Marley is vocal when seeking attention or treats. His expressive nature adds a touch of charm to his personality.

🚶 Leash Manners: While Marley may pull slightly on the leash at times, it’s mentioned that it’s not a major issue. With consistent training and positive reinforcement, his leash manners can be improved.

🚫 Caution with Young Children: Marley tends to jump up, requiring caution around younger children. Supervision and training can help manage this behavior, ensuring a safe and positive environment for everyone.

🏡 Ideal Home: Marley would thrive in a home where his family is willing to spend time with him, providing the attention and care he deserves. An experienced owner who understands Beagle traits and behaviors would be a great match for Marley.

💙 Full of Character and Personality: Marley’s charming personality and unique character make him a lovable companion. For those ready to invest time and love into Marley’s well-being, he promises to be a delightful addition to the family.

🏡 Is your home ready for the charm and companionship of Marley? If you have the experience and dedication to offer him the love and care he deserves, Marley is eagerly waiting for a new chapter in his life with a loving family.