Margot is a tricolour female, born on 29th July 2017.  She is looking for a new home as she is not getting the time her owners would like her to have.  Margot is neutered and microchipped.

Margot has allergies to Timothy hay and olives, which are controlled with Apoquel tablets.  She can have occasional periods of incontinence which are controlled with Propalin syrup, but only when needed, and not as a daily medication.

Margot goes for walks wearing her harness, which is the best way to control her pulling on the lead.  She has not been let off lead on walks.  While she is not the most enthusiastic traveller to start with, she will settle down in the car eventually.  Margot is not aggressive towards people, but once she has settled down for a snooze, she does not like to be disturbed, and will growl at you if you try to move her.  She is not aggressive to other dogs, but does get very excited when she sees another dog on the lead, and will bark a lot. 

At home, Margot is house trained but does not use a crate.  She can be left on her own at home for a few hours if you need to go out without her.  She is not destructive and has never tried to escape from her secure garden. If Margot steals an item, she will give it back when told to.  

Margot has lived with a cat, but sees cats as something to chase, so would prefer to join a cat free home.  While she has lived with a child, there have been a few incidents where she has become jealous of the child’s food or attention, and growled at them, so an adult only home, or one with older, dog savvy children, would be advisable.  She loves to be outdoors, running around in the countryside, so an active family who could give her lots of exercise would be a great match.  Margot enjoys cuddling up with her people on the sofa, getting as many belly rubs as you can offer.