8 month old tri coloured male

Location: Glasgow Scotland

Contact: 01283 575 175

Mack is an eight month old tri colour male, who needs a new home as his family’s circumstances have changed.  He is vaccinated and microchipped.


Mack is still a bouncy puppy, and can pull on the lead, especially when he sees another dog he would like to say hello to.  He has made an excellent start with his recall, and will return when called.  Mack has never shown aggression to another person or dog, and after careful on-lead introductions, he has made friends with every dog he has met.  While Mack has travelled in the car, he will need to keep building his experience of this.


At home, Mack is house trained and crate trained, and can be left on his own for a couple of hours.  Left for longer than this, he will start to chew up his blankets and bedding.  Mack would need a secure garden if he is to be allowed to wander about it by himself, as he has only been in a garden when supervised.


Mack is a very sweet puppy, who has made a great start to life.  His new home could be with adults only, or adults with older children, as he has lived with them previously.  He is playful and curious, and is sure to bring joy to his new family.