Lola and Tilly

Tri coloured females DOB: January 2013

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Lola and Tilly are tri colour sisters, born 24th January 2013, looking for a new home together, as their owner’s health has deteriorated.  They are both microchipped, and spayed.


Lola and Tilly are walked on harnesses, although they are able to slip out of their current harnesses.  They have not been let off lead on walks.  Both dogs are happy to travel in the car.  Lola and Tilly are always happy to meet other dogs, and play nicely with them.  Neither of the girls have shown aggression to other people or dogs, but can be possessive of food and snap at other dogs who try to take it from them.


At home, Lola and Tilly are both housetrained and crate trained.  On rare occasions, they have had a few accidents overnight, so would benefit from some re-training or a house with a dog flap so that they could let themselves out.  They can be left on their own for a few hours, as long as there is nothing around which they could be tempted to chew up.  They will return stolen items when asked.  Their new home would need a secure garden, as their sense of adventure means that they has been known to try to escape.


Lola and Tilly have never lived with a cat, so their new home should be cat free.  They have lived with children of all ages, so sensible, dog savvy children could be a part of their new home.  Tilly is the cheeky and playful sister, while Lola is the dominant one of the pair.  They are both big characters, who will bring a lot of fun to the right home.