Tri Coloured female DOB: Dec 2018

Location: Motherwell

Contact: 01283 575 175

Lily is a young tri colour female, born on 18/12/18, who needs a new home as her owner’s work commitments are changing, and Lily will not receive the attention she needs, which is especially important as Lily suffers from separation anxiety.  Lily is vaccinated and microchipped.


Lily is a typically energetic young beagle, who is walked on a harness, although she is not a huge fan of having it put on.  She has not been let off lead on walks.  Lily is used to travelling in the car, and loves to look out of the window at the world going past.  Lily has never shown aggression to another person, although she is still mouthing during play, and because of this, she is not suitable to be rehomed to a family with young children.  Lily has never shown aggression to another dog, and barks excitedly when she sees one she’d like to say hello to.  If she is allowed to run with them in a secure area, she will run and chase until she’s exhausted.


At home, Lily is house trained, and tried using a crate but found it too distressing.  At the moment, she is left for a few hours, but becomes very upset when she’s alone, and can cause damage to her home.   Lily’s new home would need a very secure garden, as Lily is a skilled escapologist.  Lily sees stolen items as a game, and likes to hang on to them and play tug with you to get them back.


Lily has never lived with cats, so her new home should be a cat free one.  She has lived with an older child, so older children could be considered as part of her new home.  Because she is still mouthing during play, and will happily take soft toys, she would not be suitable for a home with young children.  Due to her separation anxiety, Lily would need to be part of a home where she will have company for most of the day, with someone who can provide her with lots of reassurance to build up her self confidence.  She is a big character, who likes to make her presence felt, but also loves to cuddle up with her family.