9 Year old tri coloured female

Location: Kent

Contact: tel:01472 872302

Lexie is an approximately nine year old female, who was discovered as a stray, so we don’t know much about her past.  What we do know lots about is her present situation, and what we would like to find for her future is a lovely home!


Lexie is a very sweet, petite girl.  She’s a clever little cookie, who knows lots of great tricks – she can beg, give paw, roll over, catch and lots more.  She knows her name, and will come over to you when called, but we have not tried walking her off lead.


At home, Lexie was not destructive when she was left overnight, but being left on her own during the day caused her to become a bit anxious, so she would need someone who was around her most of the time to help her settle.  Her foster family tried travelling with her in a car crate, but she hated it and chewed up the blanket.  She would be happier travelling with a car seatbelt.


Lexie is friendly with all the dogs she’s been introduced to, from small breeds to big dogs, and naturally, beagles as well.  She has loved meeting people, and was comfortable with strangers in the park and a in restaurant she was taken to.  Food is something Lexie loves, and while she didn’t steal any items (Even when they were deliberately dropped around her), the only problem noted was that she was so eager to get to treats that she grabbed and gobbled them.  When there are other dogs in the household, she was happy to eat her dinner alongside them.


Lexie was wary of the cat in her foster home, but didn’t show it any aggression, so she could potentially live with a cat who will leave her well alone.  Her foster home has no children in it, but there have been no issues with children she has met.  Because she can snatch the occasional treat, we would prefer her to go to a family with adults only, or adults with older children.  She is a calm and affectionate girl, who adores belly rubs and cuddles, and can’t wait to be part of a family.