Jammie and Dodger

2 year old tri coloured male and female

Location: Peterborough

Contact: 01283 575 175

Jammie and Dodger are two year old tri colour siblings, who are looking for a new home together after their family circumstances changed.  Dodger is a neutered male, and Jammie is a female.  They are both vaccinated and microchipped.


Jammie and Dodger love being out on walks, and can pull on the lead.  They have never been let off lead.  They don’t have a lot of experience with travelling, so this is something their new owner could work on with them.  Neither dog has shown aggression to people, although Dodger can be vocal and reactive when he sees other dogs on lead, possibly to protect his sister.  They are both wary of other dogs they meet and need some reassurance to help overcome their worries.


At home, Jammie and Dodger are house trained and crate trained.  They can be left alone for a few hours, and while they are generally well behaved, they like to chew up plant pots and other plastic items.  If they are caught with their stolen items, they will give them up.  They would need a secure garden, as Jammie enjoys the challenge of trying to escape.


Jammie and Dodger’s new family would need to be one without cats, but could include older children, as they have grown up around teenagers.  Jammie loves a lot of attention and fuss.  Dodger is a very loyal and devoted dog, who needs a bit of a refresher on his manners around other dogs, but is a wonderfully gentle soul around people.  They are a lovely pair who balance each other out well, and will do really well with a family who have the time to devote to bringing them out of their shells.