5 year old tri coloured male

Location: South Wales

Contact: 01283 575 175

Howard is a tri colour male, who’s probably about five year old.  He was rescued from a puppy farm, so we’re not sure what adventures he’s got up to in the past – just that he’s really excited to be somebody’s much loved pet.  He is vaccinated and microchipped.

Howard has made a great start to life as a pet, and walked very nicely on a lead from the start.  He is fantastic with the other dogs he meets, and very sociable.  He’s also a real people person, and is making up for his early years by making as many friends as he can now.

As with all Howard’s friends from the puppy farm, Howard’s new home must be with adults only.  He has no experience of children, and we feel it might be a bit overwhelming for him to share a new environment with youngsters.  He would really benefit from a home where he will have lots of stability and reassurance as he continues to learn how to be a family pet.