five year old tri coloured female

Location: Milton Keynes

Contact: 01283 575 175

Hollie is a five year old tri colour female, who needs a calm, dog experienced home.  She is vaccinated and microchipped.


Hollie likes to go out, and can pull on the lead initially.  She soon settles down, and can be let off lead in safe spaces like the park.  Hollie finds travel quite exciting, but does calm down quite quickly once the car gets moving.  Hollie has never shown aggression to another dog or person.  When she meets other dogs, she will give them a quick sniff and walk on.


At home, Hollie is house trained, but is not used to a crate.  She is happy to be on her own for a few hours.  She is not destructive and has never tried to escape from her secure garden.  Hollie will return stolen items when she is told to.


Hollie does not like cats, so her new home must be cat free.  She has lived with a young child, but has found it a bit overwhelming, so her new home should be with adults only, or adults with calm, dog savvy children who would respect her space.  When she is stressed, she chews on her paws, which is why we would recommend a relaxed and calm new home for Hollie.  She is a cuddly and sociable girl, who deserves a lovely new home.