Harley and Bailey

Tri coloured males DOB:1.6.2016 DOB:18.2.2018

Location: Leicestershire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Harley and Bailey are a pair of unrelated male companions, looking for a home together, as their owner has just had a new baby.  Harley is a lemon and white male born on 1st June 2016, and Bailey is a tri colour male born on 18th February 2018.  They are both vaccinated and microchipped, and Harley is neutered.


Bailey and Harley are a good team, and while Bailey can be nervous, Harley is definitely the bolder of the two.  They are walked on Halti leads and harnesses, which keeps Bailey’s pulling under control.  They love to be off lead, and will come back, although Bailey may need some encouragement if he’s really interested in something he’s discovered.  They travel well in the car, and have been on plenty of holidays where they’ve been in the car for an extended period of time.  Bailey has never shown aggression to another dog or person.  When Bailey meets another dog, he will let Harley do the introductions before saying hello himself and starting a game of chase.


At home, the boys are house trained, but have never used a crate.  Bailey has had a very infrequent accident, and his owners have been working with him to remind him of his toilet training to reduce this happening.  They can be left on their own for a few hours, but any longer than this may result in Bailey having an accident as he cannot hold his bladder for very long.  Their owners have given them the use of a kennel and run in the garden for when they go out, which keeps any potential disasters to a minimum as the boys can get very hyperactive, although Harley is not a fan of the cold or wet weather.  Their new garden would need to be a very secure one, as Bailey and Harley can view escaping from it as a fun challenge.  If Bailey steals and item, he will give it back when asked.  Harley will eat any stolen food, and likes to use a stolen item as a reason for a game of chase.


Bailey and Harley have never lived with a cat, so their new home should ideally be cat free.  Both dogs have been well behaved around children, so older, dog-experienced children could be part of their new home.  Mild mannered Bailey loves toys, treats and sneaking under the duvet with his people, while confident Harley really enjoys attention, mental stimulation and sunbathing.  They are a well matched pair who will liven up any family home.