9 year old male

Location: Windsor

Contact: 0800 001 4444.

Eddie is under the care of Battersea dogs and cats home so you would need to contact them directly



Eddie is a charming and energetic dog who can appear independent when he first meets people. He soon starts to feel more comfortable with a little help from his favourite thing – food! Whilst he loves treats, he can become a little obsessed and needs to learn to be a bit calmer around food and his owners will need to keep cupboards firmly shut at home. Eddie enjoys his walks and in true Beagle fashion likes to walk nose to the ground, sniffing around.

Eddie is clever and enjoys learning new things. He is quite settled at home, though has shown that he is not always keen to share space of beds and other furniture. He will need new owners who have the time and patience to help Eddie learn boundaries in the home and provide him with a consistent routine.

He has previously been housetrained, though may need some reminders when he is first settling into a new home, and travels quietly and calmly in the car. Eddie needs owners who are not out for long periods of time during the day as he finds being on his own a but distressing, and will need some time dedicated to gaining confidence in this area.

Eddie is affectionate with people he knows and will really thrive from having a calm home life with clear boundaries that he can settle into.