3 year old tri colored male

Location: Lancaster

Contact: 01283 575 175

Echo is a three year old tricolour mottle male, who is looking for a new home due to a change in his owner’s circumstances.  He is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.


Echo enjoys his walks, and his pulling is best controlled with a Halti collar.  Echo has not been let off lead on walks, as he tends to run off and explore the world by himself.  Echo travels well in the boot of the car.  He has never shown aggression to another person or dog, and loves to play chase with the dogs he meets.


At home, Echo is house trained, but found using a crate distressing, and has not been in once since he was a youngster.  Echo suffers from separation anxiety when left on his own, and will wet himself and become destructive, so his new home must be one with a person who will be with him for most of the day, and can work with him to slowly build up the time he spends by himself.  He has never tried to escape from his secure garden.  If Echo steals something, he will usually give it up, with the exception of bones, which he can become protective over.


Echo’s new home must be one without cats, but finds large groups of children very intimidating, so any child in his new home must be old enough to respect his personal space.  He really needs a home where he can build up his self confidence and develop a good bond with his owners which will help with his separation anxiety.  The more attention and peanut butter filled Kongs you can offer him, the happier he will be.