3 year old tri coloured female

Location: Hampshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Dotty is a tri colour female, who we think is about three years old.  Dotty and her friends were rescued from a puppy farm, so we don’t know much about what she has experienced prior to arriving with us.  Dotty is vaccinated and microchipped, and will be neutered before she is rehomed.

Dotty was the most nervous of the puppy farm rescues, and she will need a very special new home who can help build her confidence.  She has never been walked on a lead, and this is being introduced to her very slowly.  Simple experiences other dogs take for granted, like walking on grass, are completely new to her.

As with all Dotty’s friends from the puppy farm, Dotty’s new home must be with adults only.  Dotty has no experience of children, and we feel it might be a bit overwhelming for her to share a new environment with youngsters.  Because she is such a nervous girl, her new family must be a calm and patient one, ideally with someone who is with her for a lot of the day to help her adjust to having people around.  It’s equally important that she has plenty of time to reflect on her new experiences and make sense of the amazing new world around her, with the help of a supportive new owner.




Dotty has been with me on foster for 3 weeks now – this is the first home she has lived in and she has adapted very well.  She is gaining in confidence every day and is clearly finding her feet and becoming happier every day.

Dotty is clean and dry in her crate, whether that is during the day or overnight and is happy to go in there for a couple of treats.  Out of her crate she will need continued house training in a calm, consistent manner.

She travels very well in the car, with no sickness or fear.

Dotty loves her food and eats very well – she burns a lot of anxious energy so eats way more than my Beagles.

Although she is doing very well, Dotty is still very nervous, she struggles in large open spaces and is uncomfortable with dogs she doesn’t know playing near her when out and about.  This is something that can definitely be overcome as her confidence grows, as at home she is very playful and happy to move around the house and garden with or without my Beagles.

Dotty walks very well on lead does enjoy her walks.  We haven’t done any road walking yet and a rural home would be ideal for Dotty as the noise and pace of a town or city would be too much for her.

We are taking baby steps to enable Dotty to feel comfortable with being touched and stroked.  Therefore, her new home would need to be somewhere where her people understand that they wont be able to stroke or touch her in a relaxed manner, until she trusts you.  For this reason we are looking for an adult only home.

Dotty will need to be rehomed with at least one other confident, non dominant dog and no cats.