Dolly ref 2981

Dolly ref 2981

Location: Kent

Contact: 01283 575175

Date of birth: 20th October 2022

Colour: Tricolour

Gender: Female, not neutered

* Not suitable for a home with children

* Has never lived with cats

* Could live with another similarly energetic dog

* House trained

* Can be left at home for no more than 4 hours

Dolly is a youngster who needs a home where there is experience of managing resource guarding, as her possessive behaviour has resulted in her nipping a person on more than one occasion.  She has bundles of energy, and loves to get out and about, meeting other dogs at the park.  Dolly can pull on the lead, so would benefit from some help with her heel walking, as well as recall training.  It’s very important that Dolly has a job to do, as keeping her occupied is a good way to manage her behaviour.  That could be a pizzle or filled hoof to chew on, an interactive toy, or a person who can teach her a new trick.  When she’s happy, and has your attention, she is a very affectionate little character, who loves her raw food diet, and snuggling together with her family under a blanket.