4 year old tri coloured male

Location: Cheshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Dexter is a 4 yer old tri coloured male. He is neutered,vaccinated and microchipped. Dexter has a lot of energy and will need a new owner who is active and willing to put some time and training in to him, he would benefit being with an owner that knows the beagle breed and their needs and ways to deal with any issues he may have. Dexter can pull on the lead and is a strong lad, he  has been let off lead but only in secure areas with no other dogs about, Dexter can be reactive to other dogs, due to being attacked as a young boy so will need his new owner to work on this and socialise him more. Dexter is housetrained and was crate trained as a puppy, he can be left alone for a few hours. He can be a little bit possessive of high value treats such as bones so this needs to be managed correctly. Dexter will need an adult only home due to his high energy. Dexter is a clever lad and can learn quickly, typical beagle opportunist where food is concerned. Dexter loves a good back scratch and on the back of his legs and loves a neck massage.