Tri coloured female DOB: January 2015

Location: South Wales

Contact: 01283 575 175

Dela is a tri colour female, born 20th January 2015, who needs a new home with a beagle-experienced owner who understands how stubborn and cheeky the breed can be.  She is vaccinated and microchipped.


Dela has had a very nice life, with the freedom to do whatever she likes.  She has enjoyed this approach immensely, but it means that she is not always keen to follow instruction, especially when it comes to being asked to do something she’s not so keen on, like returning a stolen item.  There has never been any reported aggression from Dela, but she needs consistency and strong leadership to help manage her stubborn streak, which intimidated children in her previous home.  Because of this, we are asking that anyone interested in rehoming Dela has experience of owning/managing a beagle, and also that there are no resident children or cats in the home.


Dela loves to go for a walk on her lead, and the longer the walk, the happier she is.  Her recall is currently not great, so it is better not to let her off lead on walks.  Dela is happy to travel in the car.  She has never shown aggression to another dog or person, but she does get very excited when she sees other dogs who she would like to say hello to, and will bark happily at them to get their attention.


At home, Dela is house trained but has never used a crate.  She can be left alone for a few hours, and is not destructive.  She has never tried to escape from her secure garden.  If Dela steals an item, she will usually drop it in exchange for a treat, unless it’s food, in which case she’ll have eaten it before you can even try to exchange it!


Dela is a friendly and happy dog, who will make a fantastic companion for an adult-only family who can offer her a firm but fair home.  She is happiest with her people, playing in the garden together and being part of a family unit.