9 month old tri coloured male

Location: West Midlands

Contact: 01283 575 175

Darwin is a nine month old mottle coloured male, who needs a new home as he is not getting along with the resident dog.  Mottle colour dogs are a rare and sought-after colouration in the beagle community, and is sure to be a talking point with other beagle owners.  Darwin is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.


Bring a youngster, Darwin can pull on the lead when he’s out on walks, and this is best controlled with a harness.  Darwin has started his recall training, and will usually come back when called.  If he sees another dog to play with, or something which interests him, Darwin will still disappear off after it, so some reminders might be useful!  Darwin is used to travelling in the car, and uses a short seatbelt attachment.  His owner tried a longer seatbelt attachment, and Darwin chewed through it.  Darwin is not at all aggressive, but still mouths and nips at items and people, like a puppy testing his barriers.  Because of this, we would prefer that Darwin went to a home where there were no young children around.  Darwin enjoys meeting other dogs and plays with them very enthusiastically, even if they’re not interested in playing with him.


At home, Darwin is house trained and crate trained, although he needs reminding to go to the toilet as he can sometimes get so absorbed in playing and running about that he forgets to wee, and has an accident on the floor.  Darwin is not a fan of being left on his own, and can be vocal and destructive, so his new home needs to be with someone who is at home a lot, and prepared to work with him on addressing his separation anxiety.  Darwin has not intentionally tried to escape from his secure garden, but if an opportunity presents itself, such as a fallen fence, Darwin will take himself off to investigate neighbouring gardens.  If Darwin steals an item, he will usually drop it, or exchange it for a toy or treat.


While Darwin has lived with a cat, it was a tolerant cat who put up with Darwin constantly badgering for playtime.  He could possibly share his home with a similarly tolerant cat in future.  Darwin has lived with children, although due to his bouncy and boisterous nature, and the fact he is still mouthing and nipping, his new home should either be without children, or with older, dog-experienced children who could help him learn that this is not acceptable behaviour.  Darwin has enjoyed having another dog in the house, even if he did overwhelm him with his high energy levels, so he could be a companion to a dog with similar energy levels – if his new family could bear to have two bouncy dogs! He is a very sociable young dog, who needs a lot of time and exercise, and would really benefit from being part of an active, dog experienced family.   At heart, Darwin is a lapdog who loves a fuss, and will do well with people who can offer him the attention he needs.