Tri coloured female

Location: Manchester

Contact: 01283 575 175

Daisy is a tri colour female, who is thought to be about five years old.  Her previous owner rescued Daisy from a volatile situation without being given any background information about her, and we are looking for a very special kind of home for her where she can learn how to be a much loved family pet.  Daisy will be vaccinated, spayed and microchipped by Beagle Welfare before she leaves our care.

Daisy has spent most of her life running free, and has only started learning how to live in a warm and cosy house since being taken in by foster carers.  Her new home must be one with plenty patience and reassurance on offer, as she will need help adjusting to the sights and sounds of a home, as well as with toilet training and being walked on a lead.  She has tried being in a crate, but given her past where she spent all day in a small pen, she understandably prefers not to be locked away.

Daisy has never shown aggression to another person or dog, and has lived happily on a farm with the working dogs there.  She would benefit from having gentle companion dogs to show her the ropes in her new home.  She clearly has not had much exposure to people, as she is nervous of visitors and new faces.  Once she learns that you are going to give her affection (and food!) and not harm her, she will always come to you.

Daisy has never lived with cats or children, and due to her history, we would not recommend that she goes to a home with either, as she needs a slow and gradual integration into the world and everything in it.  She has made a good start to learning how to be a family pet, and is sure to be a devoted companion to the people who help continue her introduction to the great things on offer to her.