Daisy ref 2983

Daisy ref 2983

Contact: 01283 575175

Date of birth: 14th April 2016

Colour: Tricolour

Gender: Female, not spayed

* Has lived with a teenage child

* No experience of living with cats

* Could live with the right dog

* House trained

* Can be left at home for up to 5 hours

🌼 Daisy is a loving soul who thrives in the company of her family 🐾. She longs to build a strong bond with her loved ones and enjoys being part of a caring household 🏡. However, she can feel anxious if she senses her family has left her side 🥺.

🔐 Daisy has a history of resource guarding, so her new family must have experience managing this behavior 🛠️. Understanding her needs and providing the necessary guidance will help Daisy feel secure in her home environment 🏠.

🤗 Daisy adores cuddles and delights in hunting out hidden treats in her garden 🌳. Playing games with her family brings her immense joy and strengthens the bond between them 💕. While she’s happy to meet other dogs, Daisy prefers calm interactions and isn’t keen on high-energy games 🐶.

🍽️ Daisy is quite sensitive to medication and food, but her owners have found that a raw diet and natural alternatives to medicines have helped manage her health issues, including seizures 🌱. Providing her with the right diet and care will ensure Daisy remains happy and healthy for years to come 🌟.