Copper and Lilly

2 year old tri coloured male and 2 year old tri coloured female

Location: Hampshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Copper and Lily are a bonded pair of beagles who are looking for a new home together, as their current owners are unable to provide them with the attention and exercise they would like.  Copper is a two year old tri colour male, who is neutered and microchipped.  Lily is a two year old tri colour female, who is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Copper and Lily walk nicely on the lead, without pulling.  They can be let off lead, and will come back once they’ve explored their surroundings.  Both dogs travel nicely in crates in the boot of the car.  They are both well behaved with other dogs and humans, especially if the humans have treats.  Copper is often more interested in the dog’s owner than the dog, and Lily will do her best to be best friends with everyone she meets.

At home, Copper and Lily are house trained and crate trained.  They can be left alone for a few hours.  Copper has no interest in stealing, but Lily loves to run off with slippers and cuddly toys.  She will give them back to an adult, but is not keen to give them back to children and can growl, which is why we cannot rehome her to a family with young children.  Copper and Lily have never tried to escape from his secure garden, but if a gate is left open, Copper will take himself off down the road for a wander.

Copper and Lily have lived with a cat, and while Copper was fine with it, Lily is not so keen, so their new home needs to be cat free.  They have been part of a family with teenage children, so their new family could include older children, or be just adults – as long as they are active!  Both dogs love to be by the sea.  Copper loves to be outside, swimming, running and playing with his tennis ball, but will always come and cuddle up with you at the end of the day.  Lily is more of a live wire, who wants to be involved in anything and everything you’re up to, and will keep you on your toes with her cheeky antics.  They will keep their new family busy and provide hours of fun every day.