2 year old tri coloured male

Location: Nottinghamshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Cooper is a two year old tri colour male, who needs a new home as his owners’ working hours have changed, and he is spending too much time on his own.  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.Cooper behaves well on walks, and rarely pulls on the lead, unless he catches a scent he wants to follow.  Once he trusts you, he can be let off lead and will come back to you.  Cooper loves meeting new dogs, both on lead and off, and is very friendly.  He has never shown any aggression to another dog or human, and is a bit nervous if anything.  He travels well in the car, for a couple of hours maximum. At home, Cooper is house trained and crate trained, although he does not like being in the crate.  He can be left on his own for a few hours, but becomes upset when left on his own for too long, and will go diving into your rubbish bin to occupy himself.  He has never tried to escape from his secure garden, and will wait patiently by the front door for you even if you accidentally leave him a potential escape route.  If he does steal something, he will give it back to you. Cooper has never lived with cats or younger children, but a family with older children, or just adults, would be fine for him.  He is a clever boy, who knows lots of tricks and likes to snuggle up with either you, or a big pile of blankets – ideally both together!