8 year old tan and white male

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Charlie is an  8 year old tan and white male.  He is wormed & vaccinated and has a microchip.  Charlie is house and crate trained and walks well on a lead, though, like most beagles, has a tendency to follow his own nose, which means he is not too good off lead as he will just go after a scent.  When he is out and about he likes to meet other dogs and interact with them, although does not like huskies and grey dogs; he lives with both cats and children and is good with both, Charlie just wants to play. Charlie can get a little spooked with strangers and is not keen on motorbikes or fireworks.  Cuddles and affection will be given and received from Charlie, but only when he instigates it otherwise he can get a bit tetchy with you or sulk;  he loves his teddy bears and having his back and belly scratched.