Buster and Hunter

2 year old tri coloured males

Location: Somerset

Contact: 01283 575 175

Buster and Hunter are a pair of tri colour brothers, who are looking for a new home together.  Hunter is the more independent dog, who is equally happy receiving a fuss or doing his own thing.  Buster is a people pleaser, who loves to be with you.  They are both neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


Buster and Hunter do everything together, and enjoy walking together.  They can both pull on the lead, and neither of them has been allowed off lead on walks.  Neither of the dogs have shown aggression to other people or dogs, but they can be wary of unfamiliar people.  They don’t have a lot of experience of travelling, so this is something a new owner could build up with them.


At home, Buster and Hunter are house trained, but have never used a crate.  They have an outdoor kennel, which they spend a lot of time in, and often sleep in.  They would need their new home to have a secure garden, as they enjoyed indulging in escapology when they were younger.  Hunter can be destructive if he is left with a tempting object, so his new owners would need to make sure he was left in as beagle-proof a room as possible if he was on his own.


Their new home should be one without cats, as they have no experience of living with a cat.  They could live in an adult only family, or a family with older children.  These lovely brothers are devoted to each other, and have a lot to offer their new family.