Buddy ref 3042

Buddy ref 3042

Location: East Staffordshire rehoming centre

Contact: 01283 575175

Date of birth: 17th August 2019

Colour: Tricolour

Gender: Male, neutered

* Adult only home, or adults with teenage children

* Has lived with cats, but steals their food

* Could potentially live with another dog

* House trained

* Can be left at home for 4 hours

🐾 Buddy is in search of a home with dog-experienced adults or families with older teenagers 🏡, as he has shown discomfort towards a child in his previous home, resulting in a couple of nips 🧒. A household with understanding and patience is crucial for his well-being 🕰️.

Buddy is an adventurous spirit 🌟, thriving on walks and neighborhood tours 🚶‍♂️. A secure home is paramount to keep this little Houdini safe and prevent any great escapes 🏠.

Buddy has a deep appreciation for food 🍖, a key element in his successful training 🎓. However, he can be protective of his treats 🚫🍪, requiring a family knowledgeable in managing and understanding his guarding behavior 🧠.

Buddy finds joy in his licky mat 🍽️, treat-dispensing toys 🧸, and the simple pleasure of sitting on the sofa, watching TV during stressful situations 📺. These activities provide comfort and relaxation for him 🛋️.

If you’re experienced with dogs 🐶, can provide a secure and understanding environment 🛡️, and are ready to embrace Buddy’s love for adventures and treats 🌳🍖, you could be the perfect match for this lovable companion 🤗. Together, you can create a safe and happy home for Buddy to thrive in 🏡.