10 month old tri coloured male

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Buddy is a ten month old male beagle, who needs a new home where he can receive the training and support he needs.  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.Buddy is a very anxious young dog, whose nervous behaviour means he has yet to find the perfect home, with people who can help reassure him and give him the training he needs. Buddy likes to go out, and he can pull on his lead when he’s out and about.  When he meets other dogs, he is uneasy at first, but is fine with them once they’ve said hello.  He has never been allowed off lead, as he has not perfected his recall skills yet.  He is used to travelling.At home, Buddy is house trained, and has been in a crate, but due to his anxiety, finds being crated very stressful.  As a result of his distress, he can become destructive of household items.  Buddy needs to live with someone who will be around him a lot, and help him learn to manage his separation anxiety.  He is a cheeky character who has been known to steal items, and has yet to learn that he needs to give them back.  Buddy loves to be in the garden, and enjoys digging holes.  He has never tried to escape.Buddy’s new home must be with adults only, ideally with beagle-experienced owners who are willing to give this nervous boy the love and help he needs to overcome his past and build a stable future.  He cannot live with children, and it would be better if he was the only dog in the house so that he can focus on learning from you.  If you can provide him with the training and input he has missed out on, he has a great deal of potential.  He is a loyal and playful dog once you’ve won his trust, and would be a great family member in the right home.